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Digital Piano with Hammer Action Keys

The DK-180A digital piano with hammer action keys is ideal for both beginner and performer from primary to senior level. Designed with standardized hammer action keyboards and grand piano pedals, as well as acoustic Piano and simple operation, the electronic piano is suitable for playing wherever it is located.

1. Hammer Action Keyboard

This digital piano features an outstanding 88-note fully weighted and graded hammer action keyboard, to achieve an unbelievable real piano feel. The weighted keys simulate the hammers lifted to strike the strings in a traditional acoustic piano.

2. Authentic Grand Piano Damper Pedals
This type of digital piano comes with authentic grand piano response damper pedals which can be controlled more smoothly by your feet. When the pedals are pressed down, the piano can produce wide and profound resonance effect just like you are playing a real grand piano.

3. Large Function Panel with Little LED Display
The digital grand is typically designed with a large function panel which boasts a little LED display. Thus, required functions and parameters can be selected directly and easily from the panel. In addition, 14 rhythms and 14 voices can be directly selected from the panel.

4. Three Cabinet Colors
The DK-180A digital piano with hammer action keys features exquisite, attractive and modern cabinet design. We provide three colors for you, namely high quality ebony wood grain, elegant walnut color and quietly elegant white wood grain.

1. The maximum number of polyphony is 64, which allows you to play at most 60 notes once.
2. This electronic piano is preset with 139 voices (including 8 national voices, 2 drum kits voices, 14 voices directly selected from the panel, etc.). When it starts up, the default voice is concert grand sound.
3. Three-track sound record can be achieved, including 2 melody audio tracks and 1 accompaniment audio track.
4. The DK-180A digital piano with hammer action keys boasts 3 reverb effects and 3 chorus effects.
5. One demo and 99 songs for exercise are preset in the piano.
6. It has two speakers. The power of each one is 30w.
7. The dimension is 1500×670×415 mm.
8. It weighs75kg.

More Functions
1. Dual Timbre Mode-This allows users play two kinds of timbre at the same time, such as piano timbre superimposed with strings.
2. Function of split enables you to set the keyboard with two different sounds for your favorite playing.
3. Built-in metronome, a good assistant to practice your timing
4. The MP3 player function (optional) enables you to record and replay your performance straight away through a standard USB pen drive, to show your recordings to your friends, your teacher or upload it online.

1. 2 stereo headphone jacks
2. USB port
3. MIDI in/out port
4. Audio output port

Model DK-180A Size 1490×640×390mm
Finish PVC Weight 70kg
Color Black, brown, white Power 35W×2
Keyboard 88-key standard hammer action keyboard Voltage 110V-220V, 50Hz
Touch 3 touches for selection Pedal Sustain pedal, sostenuto pedal and soft pedal
Sound Engine DREAM IC system Other Function Dual sound mode, chorus. reverb, transpose, tune, metronome, recorder
Polyphony 64 Connector MIDI, USB-MIDI, AUX, MP3(optional), headphone, power, pedal unit
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