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Rosewood Digital Piano

Our DK-190 rosewood digital piano will show you grand and steady feeling by means of elegant and modern cabinet design as well as right and left supporting legs. Additionally, with standard hammer action keyboards and grand piano response pedals, this type of digital musical instrument can meet various requirements of piano performers and is suitable for both beginners and pianists.

The digital grand piano is equipped with standardized 88-key hammer action keyboards which can produce different weight to each key, making you enjoy the fun as playing the real acoustic grand piano. Three built-in touch responses and effects of reverb and chorus enable you to enjoy unbelievable playing experience.

This rosewood digital piano is proud of its exquisite panel on which most functions can be directly selected. Together with the precise LCD display, you can choose the needed functions and parameters directly, thus controlling the instrument as you wish.

At present, the featured color of this digital pianoforte is dark walnut. If any other color is needed, we can offer custom-made service.

1. Polyphony

The maximum number of polyphony reaches 64, giving you the capability of playing at most 60 notes once. Thus, your various requirements can be satisfied.

2. Voice
1) The DK-190 rosewood digital piano is designed with 139 voices among which 8 national voices, 2 groups of keyboard drum and 14 directly selected voices are included.
2) The default voice is sampled from the concert grand piano. In addition to the direct selection on the panel, you can easily choose other voices from our delicately designed search wheel.

3. Record
This electronic grand piano is capable of achieving three-track sound record. The tracks include 2 melody audio track and 1 accompaniment audio track.

4. Effect
The rosewood digital piano is available in 3 different reverb effects and 3 different chorus effects, which can contribute you incomparable play experience.

5. Demo Songs
We offer 1 demo song and 99 Bayer etudes for practice and appreciation.

6. More Functions
a. Dual Timbre Mode-Making it possible for users to play two kinds timbre at the same time, such as piano timbre superimposed with strings.
b. Split keyboard mode-You can split the keyboard into 2 sections and assign different sounds to each section, for example play bass guitar on the left hand side and a piano melody on the right hand side. This function makes teaching convenient and easy.
c. Double keyboard function can be achieved. Specifically, the whole keyboard can be divided into two parts which can be set up with same voice, thus making great contribution to teaching double person
d. Metronome is built in the digital piano, by which you can build up your rhythm.

7. Featured Functions
1) USB MIDI Interface-Connect your digital piano directly to PC or MAC to use your favorite recording software such as Cubase, Protools, Logic, and so on.
2) Microphone can be plugged into the instrument for singing along with playing.

8. Connectivity
a. Two stereo headphone jacks
b. USB-MIDI in/out port
c. Audio output port
d. MP3 player

Model DK-190 Display LCD
Voice 139 Size 1490×640×390mm
Style 100 Weight 70kg
Polyphony 64 Power 40W×2
Finish PVC cabinet Voltage 110v-220v 50hz
Color Black, brown, white Pedal Sustain pedal, sustenuto pedal and soft pedal
Keyboard 88-key standard hammer action keyboard Other Function Dual sound mode, chorus, reverb, transpose, tune, metronome, record, split, double keyboard
Touch 3 touches for selection Sound Engine DREAM IC system
Connector Midi, USB-MIDI, AUX, MP3(optional), headphone, power, pedal unit, line in/out
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