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Digital Piano with MP3 Player

The DK-300 digital piano with MP3 player comes with stylish cabinet design and simple operation. It can offer authentic piano sounds to satisfy all kinds of your needs and expressiveness. Incorporating hammer action keyboard and grand piano pedals, this versatile digital piano is ideal for all class of professional piano learners and performers.

Authentic Piano Feel

Equipped with French DREAM sound source and self-developed power amplifier, this digital keyboard instrument can offer you real acoustic piano experience. Thanks to the subtle weight variations created by the hammer, you can obtain a natural feel with expressive playability. Additionally, DSP effects such as reverb and chorus effect can bring you wonderful feeling.

Grand Piano Pedals
Designed with the real grand piano response pedals, this DK-300 digital piano with MP3 player can recreate broad and deep resonance effect by pressing the pedals just like you are playing a traditional piano.

MP3 Player
The electronic piano can be used to play your favorite music at leisure time by means of its built-in MP3 player, thus ensuring more enjoyment.

Rich Colors and Finishes
Elegant and stylish appearance are always the superiority of this digital piano. We offer 5 kinds of colors and finishes for you, namely grand black PVC wood grain, elegant white PVC wood grain, natural walnut PVC wood grain, noble ebony light baking finish and gentle pure white light baking finish.

1. Polyphony

The DK-300 digital piano with MP3 player features the maximum polyphony of 64. Thus, you can play at most 60 notes through one playing.

2. Voice
The electronic keyboard piano owns 8 PCM voices. The default voice is concert grand piano voice. Other voices sampled from various musical instruments are also included. Based on our function key and corresponding key on the keyboard, the voice can be easily switched.

3. Songs
There are 20 kinds of songs with different styles set in the instrument for appreciation.

4. More Functions
1) Dual voice pattern: Two kinds of voices can be superimposed at the same time.
2) Reverberation function: There are 4 reverb effects which can create more authentic acoustic feel.
3) Chorus effect: The DK-300 digital piano with MP3 player is available in 5 different chorus effects.
4) Weight Setting Function: The sound volume changing along with the speed or intensity of your playing action can be adjusted. Three kinds of weight sensitivity can be set.

7. Connectivity
a. Two stereo headphone jacks
b. USB-MIDI in/out port
c. Audio output port

8. Other Parameters
Speakers: 2×30w
Dimensions: 1475×510×390mm
Weight: 60KG

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