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Digital Piano with Matt Finish

The DK-800 digital piano with matt finish is delicately designed with elegant and grand cabinet that is finished by eco-friendly resin paint. Equipped with the 88key touch sensitive hammer keyboard self-developed by Youyi, French Dream sound source and self-designed power amplifier, this matt finish digital piano can create more natural and graceful sound.

This 88-key hammer action keyboard piano comes with all functions that can be used in the process of learning and teaching such as accompaniment control, automatic accompaniment, recording, metronome, octave, etc. Therefore, no matter whether it is used for teaching in school or at home, the DK-800 digital piano with matt finish can make it easy.

Features and Specifications
1. Keyboard

The keyboard musical instrument is typically equipped with self-developed hammer action keyboard that can create a unique weight for each key.

2. Pedals
Built-in real grand piano pedals will provide you with an authentic grand piano pedal feel.

3. Polyphony
The maximum polyphony can reach 64 so that 60 notes to the most can be achieved when you play the piano.

4. Voice and Rhythm
This type of digital piano with matt finish features 138 built-in voices (8 national tones, 2 drum kits tones and 24 voices for direct selection) and 109 rhythms. Therefore, any trouble in voice and rhythm selection can be handled now. Furthermore, uncommonly used voices and rhythms can be easily selected from the search wheel.

5. Piano Songs
6 different kinds of classic piano songs are provided in the instrument for listening or practice.

6. Other Functions
a. Dual voice pattern (by combining two voices together) can inspire new playing experience.
b. 8 reverb effects and 8 chorus effects are available for achieving more authentic sound.
c. The volume changing along with the speed or intensity of your playing can be adjusted. Three kinds of weight sensitivity can be set.
d. The keyboard is favorable for being split into two sections. For each section, you can build up your favorite tones.

7. Connecting Interfaces
a. Two stereo headphones jacks
b. USB port
c. MIDI in/out USB port
d. Audio output port

8. Other Parameters
Speakers: 2×40w
Dimensions: 1525×670×415mm
Weight: 75KG

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