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High Security Digital Piano

The DK-610 high security digital piano is typically characterized by the descent control device installed on the cover, which enables the cover to be covered slowly so as to protect your hands from being nipped. In addition, when the cover is closed, this highly secured digital piano will be automatically powered off, thus saving power.

1. Keyboard

61-key standard hammer action keyboard offers you traditional piano experience.

2. Polyphony
The maximum polyphony is up to 64.

3. Voice
The digital upright piano boasts 129 different kinds of voices. Authentic concert grand piano voices are preset in this musical instrument. Through advanced CAST sound sampling technology, we make the voice more lifelike and natural.

4. Rhythm
Full accompaniment and100 rhythms make the DK-610 of high security digital piano different. 10 amazing piano rhythms are also included. All of this will give you incomparable enjoyment.

5. Sound Recording
You can record your own music in this electronic pianoforte and transmit it to your computer or Ipad by USB connection.

6. Effects
This digital musical instrument boasts 4 kinds of reverb effects and concert chorus effects.

7. More Functions
a. Combining two voices together to achieve dual voice pattern.
b. The keyboard can be divided into two parts. Each part can feature different voice. For example, the left low register can produce guitar voice while the right high register can present piano voice. Application of this function in teaching can also be achieved.
c. Built-in metronome can help to practice your ability of controlling tempo.

8. Connecting Interfaces
a. Two stereo headphones jacks
b. USB port
c. MIDI in/out USB port
d. Audio output port

9. Other Parameters
Speakers: 2×10w

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