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Digital Grand Piano

The PK-1250 digital grand piano can give you the most authentic grand piano experience, both in practice and in performance. Adopting advanced sound source chip, graded hammer action keyboard, full-scale traditional grand piano cabinet and process, this digital grand presents you real acoustic piano feel and some fun derived from digital technology.

Vivid Piano
Breaking through the bound of traditional concept, every tone and resonance of our Greaten PK-1250 digital piano is natural and perfect. What you can hear is incredibly smooth and natural tones without any unnatural feeling caused by weight and any monotony of sampling voices loop playback.

Wondrous Space Sound Effect
Differing from any musical instrument, the PK-1250 digital grand piano make present performer and audiences can not feel the existence of the speakers by the use of intelligent multi-track sound technology. Every accessory of the piano can create a broad and multidimensional sound space where both player and audience can hear authentic grand piano sound. In addition, sound space will create a unique effect for every different piano. These wonderful characteristics only belong to our Greaten PK-1250.

1. The digital stage piano adopts standard 88-key hammer action keyboard which contributes to more natural piano feel.
2. Real grand piano response pedals are built in this digital musical instrument.
3. The panel of the PK-1250 digital grand piano is provided with a large LCD multifunctional display that can clearly show the function and parameters you select.
4. 64-note polyphony (max) will enable you to achieve 60 notes in one time playing.
5. Built-in 138 different instrument voices (including 8 national voices and 2 drum kits voices, among which 24 voices can be directly selected from the penal) and 109 rhythms make it easy to select. Not commonly used voices and rhythms can be selected from search wheel.
6. Six songs with different styles are preset in the piano for practice or listening.
7. It boasts dual voice pattern. That is, you can play two different instrument sounds at the same time
8. PK-1250 digital grand piano offers 8 types of reverb effect and 8 types of chorus effect.
9. Volume changing along with your playing speed and intensity can be adjusted. There are 3 sensitivity settings.
10. The keyboard can be divided into two sections. Each part can be set with different voice you prefer.

Connecting Interfaces
a. Two stereo headphones jacks
b. USB port
c. MIDI in/out USB port
d. Audio output port

Other Parameters
Speakers: 2×100w woofers and 2×50w tweeters
Dimensions: 1520×1330×400 mm
Weight: 110kg

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