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Digital Piano with LCD Display

The DK-200B digital piano with LCD display is widely used by piano beginners and professional performers from primary to senior level due to its ample and practical functions, brief but grand cabinet, as well as super large LCD display on the panel. With standardized 88-key hammer action keyboard and grand piano pedals, this LCD screen digital piano can help you better play the traditional piano.

Hammer Action Keyboard

The digital stage piano is equipped with 88-key touch sensitive hammer action keyboard which gives player the same experience and fun as playing the real acoustic piano. In addition, the hammer action can create different weight for each key, which will let you feel the right weight when playing.

Exquisite Panel with Large LCD Display
The DK-200B digital piano with LCD display is perfectly designed with a function selection panel on which a large high precision LCD display is installed to clearly show the specific function and parameters. Through this panel, you can directly select needed function and parameters, making operation much easier.

Stylish and Modern Cabinet and Various Colors
The digital stringed instrument can offer authentic piano sounds in a beautiful, elegant and modern cabinet. Our featured color for the exquisite cabinet is dark walnut. As required, we can also offer customized colors for you, including grand black PVC wood grain, elegant white PVC wood grain, natural walnut PVC wood grain and delicate matte paint.

1. Polyphony

The DK-200B digital piano with LCD display features the maximum polyphony of 64. Since that, you can play 60 notes to the most in one operation.

2. Voice
This electronic musical instrument owns 135 kinds of voice (including 20 kinds of China national voice and 2 drum kits voices) among which 24 kinds can selected directly from the panel, 118 kinds of rhythm with different style(including 13 kinds of China national rhythm and 24 kinds of directly selected rhythm).

3. Sound Record
Single track sound record can record 6000 notes.

4. DSP Effect
The digital piano with LCD display comes with various DSP effects, including reverb effect and chorus effect.

5. Songs
2 demo songs are selected for appreciation and 50 songs with various style are preset for practice.

6. More Functions
1) Chord Pattern: Two standard self-motion chords
2) Accompaniment Control: Start/stop, synchronous start, prelude/epilogue, plug A/plug B

7. Connectivity
a. Two stereo headphone jacks
b. USB-MIDI in/out port
c. Audio output port

8. Other Parameters
Speakers: 2×30w
Dimensions: 1560×555×415mm
Weight: 70KG

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