1. PK-1000 Digital Piano with Wood Grain Finish

      As a high quality piano and a delicate home furnishing art as well, this electric and electronic keyboard instrument comes with superior DREAM sound source, authentic sampling voices, advanced power amplifier system, premium speakers, etc.

    1. PK-1015 Digital Grand PianoThe PK-1015 digital grand piano boasts all functions that will be used in piano learning and teaching, including accompaniment control, automatic accompaniment, sound recording, metronome, octave, etc.
    1. PK-1250 Digital Grand PianoDiffering from any musical instrument, the PK-1250 digital grand piano make present performer and audiences can not feel the existence of the speakers by the use of intelligent multi-track sound technology.

PK Series Digital Piano

YOUYI PK series digital piano focus greatly on music creativity and the most essential brilliance of the piano. Each of this series of digital keyboard instrument is poured with lifelong love of senior piano makers to music. Specially made superior baking finish cabinet, exquisite keyboard manufacturing technique, perfect internal power amplifier, etc. will inspire your talent to play richly and profoundly excellent sounds by light and sensitive key touch and control. Furthermore, a variety of specifications plus high precision LCD display can satisfy your diversified needs and expressiveness.

Teaching first-this is Greaten classic PK series digital piano. It is number one choice of beginner, amateur, and even musical educator.