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Portable Digital Piano

The P-21 portable digital piano can offer authentic piano feel with 88-key hammer keyboard action at a affordable price. Compact structure with stylish modern light metal cabinet design makes this electronic portable piano ideal for home, stage and studio use. Located on any flat place, it can be used with piano holder.

Outstanding Real Piano Voices and Performance

10 exquisite instruments voices will present you perfect playing experience. The voices include two grand piano voices, two electronic organ voices, harpsichord voice, string voice, vibraphone voice, chorus voice, Jazz organ voice and church organ voice. The default voice will be grand piano voice. Due to CAST technology, the voice becomes unprecedented real and natural.

Rich and excellent performance of the P-21 portable digital piano is reflected on each key. To keep more compact and brief, we remove all functional keys but remain simple operation. Voices and other needed functions can be easily selected.

88-key Hammer Standard Keyboard
This portable digital pianoforte is designed with 88key full scale hammer keyboard which will offer you authentic piano keyboard feel.

Real Piano Damper Pedal
This portable musical instrument can be provided with single damper pedal and three pedals as well. That will give you incomparable playing experience with piano pedals.

64-note polyphony (max) allows you to play 64 notes at the same time. The longest note can even be sustained.

Microphone Connection Capability
When you play the P-21 portable digital piano, you can sing along with your playing by means of connecting a microphone. This is a brand-new function with independent volume control ability. Electric guitar can also be connected through this port.

Two-track Sound Record
The stage keyboard piano boasts 2 tracks recording function which allows you to integrate your composition while recording. It is quite useful for the composer.

Powerful Connectivity
1. Two stereo headphone jacks make it possible for you to play the instrument alone or with your friend and teacher in a very quiet way.
2. Connecting with your computer directly through the USB-MIDI port to operate professional record software such as ubase, ProTools, Logic or other software.
3. Audio output port allow our P-21 portable digital piano to be connected with an external audio player.

More Functions
a. Dual voice pattern is available. That is, two different instrument voices can be played at the same time.
b. You can divide the keyboard into two sections and set your preferred voice for each section.
c. Your rhythm sensation can be bettered because of built-in metronome.
d. Three different reverb effects can be selected.

Other Parameters
Speakers: 2×14w.

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