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Portable Digital Piano

The P-51 portable digital piano is perfect for those who need an authentic piano experience by the typically equipped 88 note hammer action keyboard and amazingly reasonable price. Thanks to 139 high quality different instrument voices, this portable digital stage piano can be ideally used on stage as well as at home or in studio room.

Sturdy structure with light metal cabinet design makes this digital keyboard musical instrument reliably safe and portable wherever it is taken. Only by clicking softly the keys on the panel can you easily select your favorite voices, including 2 grand piano voices, 2 electronic organ voices, harpsichord voice, string voice, vibraphone voice, chorus voice, Jazz organ voice and church organ voice.

Detailed Features
1. Hammer Standard Keyboard

The P-51 portable digital piano is delicately outfitted with 88-note hammer standard keyboard that can give you the authentic piano feel. Different weight settings will create unique weight to each key.

2. Real Grand Piano Damper Pedal
Real grand piano damper pedals can be installed to achieve outstanding and realistic sound effect.

3. Polyphony
The maximum number of polyphony is 64, which offer you the capability to play at most 60 notes at the same time, thus satisfying your wide range of requirements and expressiveness.

4. Lifelike Effects
This digital portable piano provides 3 different reverb effects and 3 different chorus effects so that you can experience authentic concert playing effect.

5. Recording Function and Preset Songs
The P-51 portable digital piano boasts 3 tracks sound recording function (including 2 melody audio tracks and 1 accompaniment audio track). In addition, one demo song and 99 etudes are preset for practice and enjoyment.

Other Practical Functions
1. Dual voice capability allows you to play two different instrument sounds at the same time
2. The hammer action keyboard can be separated into two sections. Voice setting for each section depends on your preference. This function can be applied to music teaching courses.
3. A metronome is installed in the multinational portable piano, which is great for polishing your rhythm sensation.
4. This type of portable digital piano can be used as a MP3 player to let you enjoy sweet music at leisure time by connecting a U flash disk or the computer.
5. By plugging a microphone, you can sing along with your playing. Also, you can let your friend sing while you play.

Versatile Connectivity
1. Two stereo headphone jacks
2. USB-MIDI port
3. Audio output port

Other Parameters
Speakers: 2×30w.

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