1. P-11 Portable Digital Piano You can directly select your favorite voices from the penal on which 10 beautiful instrument voices are preset, including 2 grand piano voices, 2 electronic organ voices, harpsichord voice, string voice, vibraphone voice, chorus voice, Jazz organ voice and church organ voice.
    1. P-21 Portable Digital Piano

      Rich and excellent performance of the P-21 portable digital piano is reflected on each key. To keep more compact and brief, we remove all functional keys but remain simple operation. Voices and other needed functions can be easily selected.

    1. P-51 Portable Digital Piano Thanks to 139 high quality different instrument voices, this portable digital stage piano can be ideally used on stage as well as at home or in studio room.
    1. P-18A Digital Stage PianoYou can integrate your composition by constant recording. In addition, the work you have recorded can be downloaded into your memory device or computer through the USB port.

P Series Digital Piano

P series digital piano manufactured by YOUYI is mainly stage piano. Thanks to portability, realistic and natural voice, high quality sampling voices, etc. this series digital stage piano fit perfectly for various stages and recording studios.