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Sustain Pedal

Similar with our TB1-10 sustain pedal, YOUYI TB1-08 sustain pedal is also manufactured by means of overall injection molding technology. The pedal tongue is also finished by metal polishing and electroplating process. Delicately designed with a polarity reversing switch, this musical instrument pedal is great for dealing with the polarity disparity of different pianos.

This piano part has been a hot-sale in European and American markets. The sustain pedals of many foreign well-known musical instrument are purchased from our OEM.

1. Our TB1-08 sustain pedals are all original Greaten quality product.
2. It fits for Yamaha and Casio electric organs and electronic pianos as well as other MIDI keyboard instrument.
3. The length of connecting wire is 1.5m, ensuring easy connection.
4. It can be connected to all external sustain ports (6.5 port).

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