1. TB1-10 Sustain Pedal

      The pedal tongue comes with metal polishing and electroplating treatment. This damper pedal is typically characterized by polarity reversing switch which makes you unnecessary to take the polarity difference of different pianos into consideration.

    1. TB1-08 Sustain PedalIt fits for Yamaha and Casio electric organs and electronic pianos as well as other MIDI keyboard instrument.
      The length of connecting wire is 1.5m, ensuring easy connection.

Piano Accessories

YOUYI supplies piano accessories for our own digital pianos and many other globally renowned digital pianos. The main accessory we offer is piano sustain pedal that is one of the most commonly used accessories. All electric organs, synthesizers and even electric drums need this part. Made using one-step injection molding process, Greaten damper pedal is exquisite and perfect with quite premium quality and competitive price.