Zhejiang Youyi Electronic Co., Ltd.

Add.: No. 268, Wei Nineteen Road, Economic Development Zone, Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province P.R. China

Tel.: +86-577-57573615

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1. Software Research and Development
YOUYI is one of the 3 companies in China capable of developing program software for mainboard chip of digital piano. Therefore, we can offer ODM and OEM service related to mainboard programme.

2. Advanced Production Equipment
Our workshop is equipped with CNC punch press and 20-130T punch press to satisfy our demand on manufacturing different products. In addition, the advanced production equipment enables us to provide ODM/OEM services to our client.

3. Quality Inspection
1) The production of the digital piano is supervised carefully during the entire production process, such as raw material purchase, product machining, and product realization, according to requirement specified in technical standard, drawing, and other technical requirement.
2) The qualified product shall be properly stored and delivered with Inspection Certificate.
3) The unqualified digital piano shall be separated, marked, and registered as defective goods, timely.

4. Heavy Investment
Yearly, 10% of the sales volume will be invested for product development and equipment replacement, to increase the competitiveness of our product, reduce the production cost, and improve the product quality. The high degree of automation effectively improves the productivity of our company.

5. Favourable Geographical Location
YOUYI is adjacent to Ningbo Port and Wenzhou Port. The convenient favourable geographical location helps reduce the transportation cost, accordingly.

6. Sales Network
Our company has digital piano stores in many cities in China. Apart from that, we also develops the market in the United Kingdom, the United States, Netherlands, Iran, Vietnam, and some others countries through the international exhibition held in Shanghai, American Anaheim, and Germany Frankfurt.

7. Certifications
Relying on the first class quality, our product successfully passed ISO9001/9000/2000, FCC, CE, and CCC certification.

1. Extensive Production Experience
Since YOUYI worked on developing and manufacturing digital pianos and digital piano keyboards in 1998, we have accumulated rich experience in design, production, management, etc. of electronic products. YOUYI digital piano keyboard, in particular, enjoys sophisticated design and technology as well as innovative production process. It is owing to our professional management personnel, experienced designers, skillful technicians and advanced production and test equipment that we can obtain such production experience.

2. Advanced Production Equipment and Process
We boast wide range of modern machining and production equipment. All processes from the production of accessories to final assembly of digital piano will be completed using the modern equipment through assembly line work, thus greatly improving production efficiency and product accuracy.

In addition, our company presents powerful strength in production technology and product design and development. That is, we are one of the few companies which have the capability of designing and developing the IC program by themselves.

3. Complete Test and Quality Assurance System
We are always committed to providing excellent products and superior service to our customers by implementing overall quality management based on the standard and procedure of ISO 9001. To achieve this goal, we have built up durability lab, high and low temperature destructiveness lab and QA department. All products and related components of our company must be subject to strict inspection before being put into use.

4. Normative Management
In workshop, we conduct 5S on-site management pattern and management direction that help us find problems in time and handle them at once.

5. Reliable Package and Safely timely Logistics
As you know, digital piano is costly entertainment product. Therefore, we adopt Q paper imported from America as the material of all carton boxes so as to avoid breakage during transportation. In addition, we add thickened and compacted formed foam into the carton to protect the piano from being damaged by impact, extrusion and crack.

YOUYI also boast great convenience in the aspect of logistics. First of all, the company possesses a large-scale storehouse for stocking up products. Additionally, the location of our company is proud of superior transportation condition. Sea, land and air transportation are all developed. For instance, it is just 40km. away from the Wenzhou international airport.

6. Excellent Staff Team
Thanks to our excellent staff team, the company can keep active and promising. To be specific, we have more than 10 technical and management staff with intermediate or senior professional titles in Hangzhou R&D institute of digital piano power amplifier circuit system. Furthermore, we have held abundant training activities to improve team work capability and establish a perfect staff team.

7. Professional Sales and Service Support
To ensure customer satisfaction, we expand domestic and overseas market by means of premium products and first class services. We found a sales company in Hangzhou which is responsible for sales in domestic market. Except Sinkiang and Tibet, we have cooperative musical instrument stores in other regions. In overseas market, there are over 30 countries and regions where our products have been exported, including America, Germany, Britain, Chech, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey, Rumania, Bulgaria, Canada, Singapore, etc.