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1. Special Do's and Don'ts about the Location
(1) Do not locate the digital piano in humid, overheating or dust-filled places.
(2) Keep the piano away from the heating pipe in winter.
(3) Keep certain distance from such instruments as radio, television, etc. that can generate strong electromagnetic interference to the piano.
(4) Please do not put objects, liquid in particular, on the digital piano.
(5) When you switch on the light or use mobile phone beside the piano, the speaker will produce short interference sound. Be not nervous, it belongs to normal phenomenon.

2. Some Attentions on Regular Operation
(1) When you turn on or off the power supply switch and press functional keys, please do not overexert or operate too fast.
(2) When you pull out the power plug from the bottom of the piano, you should grab the plug and do not pull the wire rudely so as to avoid damaging wire and socket.

3. How to Maintain the Piano
(1) Use clean soft cloth to wipe the piano body.
(2) Lens tissue or dedicated display cleaning liquid can be used to clean the LCD display. Please do not use alcohol or other corrosive liquid.
(3) Pledge detergent can be used to wipe out dirt spot and toothpaste can be used to wipe scratched keys.
(4) When the piano is not used, please switch off the power and pull out the plug from the AC socket.

4. Other Attentions
(1) If the electric wire is broken, damaged or poorly contacted, please stop using.
(2) Dysfunction may occur if the piano is operated inappropriately. At that time, you should start reset operation. That is, you should power off the piano and restart the piano after waiting for 30 seconds. Then, the functions will return to normal.
(3) Please don't take apart the piano or alter circuit by yourself. If there is any problem, please contact the outlets or authorized service shops (see details on warranty card).