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Came into existence in 1998, YOUYI has 17 years of experience in digital piano industry. Currently, our company is developing rapidly and our product is becoming increasingly popular all over the world.

1. Scale of Company
Starting from a small company covering about 2,000 square meters in area, YOUYI continuously expands its production base. Now, our company covers an area of 16,500 square meters. Apart from 3,000 square meters branch company, we also set up offices in Shanghai and Hangzhou city, with the floor space of 600 square meters.

2. Research and Development
In the beginning, our company was unable to carry out product research and development. Currently, YOUYI is one of the three companies in China capable of developing mainboard chips independently, enabling us to provide supporting services to our clients, freely. The heavy investment in equipment greatly enhances our ability in product development and production.

3. Wide Range of Product
At present, YOUYI possesses 16 types of self-developed products and 14 ODM and OEM products. The full range of product perfectly demonstrates our strength in digital piano industry.

4. Sales Area
From 1998 to 2003, we mainly developed the market in China. In 2003, we started exploring the overseas market, through network marketing and exhibition held in Shanghai, Germany, and America. At present, our product is widely seen in over 26 countries and regions, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Netherland, Canada, Turkey, etc.

5. Quality Management System
ISO 9000/9001/2000, ECC, CE, and CCC compliant, our product has first class quality and is highly reliable for use.

In 1998
YOUYI came into being and officially cooperated with internationally renowned companies such as YMAHA, KAWAI, etc. on traditional piano accessories and electronic connectors.

In 2000
We successfully developed JP88-ZC-the first 88-key digital piano keyboard in China made by Italian technology and obtained national utility model patent

In 2001
YOUYI started keyboard business cooperation with Korean famous companies such as SAMIC and VMI and signed agency agreement.

In 2002
Shanghai R&D institute and Hangzhou circuit design and development institute were officially established.

In 2002
The first complete digital piano-DK-100A 88-key digital piano was successfully developed and put into production; from then on, our company succeeded in transforming from accessory production to overall piano production.

In 2002
The second generation 88-key digital piano hammer keyboard-JP88-ZC02 was successfully developed.

In 2003
DK series digital piano with LCD display, including DK-200B, DK-600, DK-800, etc. are developed in succession.

In 2003
YOUYI started to attend International Exhibition for Musical Instruments and Services held in Shanghai.

In 2003
All of our electronic products earned the certificates of CCC, CE and FCC and international business department was set up.

In 2004
We obtained ISO 9000 and ISO 9001 certification.

In 2004
We achieved overall improvement on IC chip system of our digital piano according to years of continuous feedback from market.

In 2004
The third generation 88-key digital piano hammer action keyboard-JP88-ZC03 was developed and put into domestic and overseas market on a large scale.

In 2005
YOUYI became an official member of CMIA (China Musical Instrument Association).

In 2005
The fourth generation 88-key digital piano hammer action keyboard-JP88-ZC04 was successfully developed and entered into markets at home and abroad in large volumes.

In 2006
The second generation gradual model hammer keyboard (JP88-JJS02) came on the scene and the JP88-LD02 type hammer keyboard was officially offline.

In 2006
The first PVC digital piano cabinet replaced the melamine cabinet.
In 2007, the name of our company changed from Yueqing Youyi Electronic Co., Ltd. into Zhejiang Youyi Electronic Co., Ltd. and in the same year, we were awarded as one of the top 50 enterprises in Yueqing city.

In 2008
YOUYI signed agency agreements with many countries such as Britain, Canada, Turkey, Bulgaria, Iran, etc. and kept cooperating with them until now.

In 2008
We began attending the annual International Exhibition for Musical Instruments held in Anaheim of America and Frankfurt of Germany.

In 2011
JP88-ZC05 88-key digital piano hammer keyboard known as the fifth generation was developed and put into global market.

In 2013
We manufactured the KD-400 digital piano which won great praise.