Zhejiang Youyi Electronic Co., Ltd.

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As a Chinese professional manufacturer of Greaten digital pianos, digital pianos keyboard, traditional piano cover descent control device as well as piano accessories and electronic connectors, YOUYI has established complete sales and service system. Our experienced employees will offer satisfactory service and consummate support to you.

Pre-sales Services
1. Answer customers' questions

we can answer the questions sent to us by calls or e-mails. For example, the customer may ask some questions about product warranty, OEM and ODM services, etc. at the early time. We will offer professional answers based on specific products.
2. Technical Guidance
For those customers who want to make some modifications about the appearance, functions, etc. of the present product, we will try our best to offer the optimum solution according to their specific requirements.
3. Product Recommendation
According to the purpose and amount of the product our customers want to purchase, we can recommend several types of products with high cost performance to them. In addition, we can also provide R&D service of new product if required.
4. Drawing Design
For those who have special requirements or need unnormalized product, YOUYI can help them design drawing according to their own needs.
5. Reasonable Pricing
we will work out the most reasonable price relying on the amount purchased.

In-sales Services
1. Delivery Date

In general, the delivery cycle is 30days after the order is placed. In particular cases if the customer demands a large number of custom-made products, the cycle can delay for 30days.
2. Order Supervising
When the order is placed, we will appoint professional merchandiser to track the order.
3. Product Testing
We offer all kinds of product test report tested during the process of production, including appearance and functional durability testing report, aging test and function test report, etc.
4. Product Packaging
The external carton box is made of the best Q paper and formed thickened and compacted foam is added into the carton for protection purpose.
5. Product Transportation
Our major transportation mode is by sea from Shanghai or Ningbo port.

After-sales Services
1. Under warranty, we can offer free maintenance parts and maintenance operation video to the customer.
2. If the damage caused during transportation is slight, the company will freely offer parts for replacement; if the damage is serious, the complete piano can be replaced.
3. We will regularly send emails or call back to our foreign customers to collect feedback suggestions.
4. If problems occur during the use of our product, you can give us the detailed description about the problems, and we can tell you how to deal with them.